Children’s Motrin (Ibuprofen) Recall 2019!

So Children’s Motrin (which is the brand name of Ibuprofen) has been recalled many of which have been sold at CVS, Walmart and Family Dollar. Basically, the concentration of the drug is not correct and thus you may unknowingly give your child more than prescribed. They have not disclosed exactly what the concentration is but it seems like there have not been any reported cases of overdose.

The big thing with Children’s Motrin is that the dose is completely dependent on your child’s weight. I think its also important to note that if your child’s condition does not improve in 24 hours and if the symptoms persist or even worsen after 3 days, that is when you know its more than just a common cold.

From the perspective of a pharmacist, if you have recently given your child Motrin, you may be terrified but don’t rush to panic. The internet will tell you that it can lead to kidney failure but one must ingest an extremely large amount of ibuprofen to get to that point. The maximum daily dose is 40mg/kg/day. This means if your child weighs 40 pounds, he or she can ingest up to 730 mg of Ibuprofen which is about 18 milliliters (3 and 1/2 teaspoons). Calmly write down how many milliliters you have given your child. Look to see if your baby seems very uncomfortable or is vomiting. Ask your child if they are experiencing a stomachache or is cramping or if their ears are ringing. Make sure to give your child a lot of fluid and resort to other pain/fever relievers such as Acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Hope that helps some concerned parents out there! I sure will throw away my bottle of Children’s Motrin that Abram is so happily playing with.

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