Should Babies Grow Up with Dogs?

We have a 3 year old Shiba Inu named Haru and she has been our baby until..little Abram came along. Poor Haru doesn’t receive nearly the same amount of love and attention from us but she has been the sweetest older sister. Even through all of Abram’s abuse and annoyance, she has never shown signs of aggression to him. Perhaps dogs know babies are babies instinctually as we get shocked by Haru’s patience everyday.

Now, should babies grow up with dogs? Our answer is a resounding YES. Amongst the many benefits, I believe there is one that is the most important. Companionship. The moment Abram wakes up, he crawls over to a sleeping Haru at the foot of our kingsize bed to pet her. One of his favorite things to do is to sit down with a bag of dog treats and to throw the treats as far as he can. Of course Haru runs and eats every treat he throws around the house. Whenever Abram doesn’t particularly like the taste of a certain food, he quickly spits it out and gives it to the patiently waiting Haru by his side. It is absolutely hilarious to watch. Every time we come back from outside, Abram exclaims in joy as Haru greets him with kisses. He has learned how to pet gently and to give her big hugs along with the occasional pulling of the tail.

A dog provides a friendship completely different from one mom and dad can give. Through this small friendship alone Abram has learned how to share what is his, how to express love, and also how to receive the same love back. As we prepare for our daughter’s birth in the coming months, we hope Abram can be as good an older sibling to her as Haru is to him.

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