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Cafe hopping with kids - The Glasshouse

Ivan Ivan Follow Jan 01, 2023 · 3 mins read
Cafe hopping with kids - The Glasshouse
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Its the first day of the new year! Happy 2023 everyone! We decided to go cafe hopping in the morning and was choosing between a few options that were near Singapore Zoo since we wanted to go visit Houbii Spot. Some options we thought of were Belle-ville at Bukit Panjang and Coexist Coffee at Bukit Batok. We ended up going a bit further to The Glasshouse (4.4 rating) at Chijmes.

The Glasshouse is located at the end of a stretch of eateries.

Walkway at Chijmes
The Glasshouse
Entrance of The Glasshouse

Here are some of the photos of the interior of The Glasshouse. It looks nice and clean. Its design is something that I would opt for in my own house.

Interior of The Glasshouse Interior of The Glasshouse
Interior of The Glasshouse Some bread in the Glasshouse

Ordered a customised breakfast platter for the kids.

Customised breakfast menu of The Glasshouse
Customised breakfast platter of The Glasshouse

For myself I ordered the Breakfast Bagel that costs S$18. Speaking about prices, there was no GST so the new 8% GST did not kick in for this cafe!

Breakfast Bagel of The Glasshouse

We also got the following drinks. I got the Single Origin Hot Chocolate that was Semuliki Forest 72% Dark. Quick googling tells me that it came from Uganda. Wife tried it and found it to be bitter but I thought it was okay and it tasted like one of the chocolates that I ate recently. Wife loved the White Coffee that she bought.

Single Origin Hot Chocolate of The Glasshouse
White Coffee of The Glasshouse

Interestingly, there were some conversation starting cards on the table.

Conversation Starter card at The Glasshouse
Conversation Starter card at The Glasshouse Conversation Starter card at The Glasshouse

Overall I thought this was a pretty nice place to spend some time at to chill, and have a nice break. Do note however that when we were there, there was no free wifi as I overheard two patrons asking the staff there.

Written by Ivan Follow
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