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New Tayo Station at Downtown East

Ivan Ivan Follow Feb 25, 2024 · 2 mins read
New Tayo Station at Downtown East
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Visited the new Tayo Station finally! It was refurbished sometime end of 2023 but we have not been here since! It was a pleasant surprise to see that the layout has changed, with new features!

There is a new sandpit at the entrance, and the difference is that the sand here seems to be not just cubic in shape but also rectangular!

Tayo Station Sandpit

There is a new basketball area that is really quite fun, like those you find at carnivals (which you don’t have to pay for every game)! The floor is inclined so the balls will roll towards you!

Tayo Station Basketball

And definitely, there is the usual ball pit that is connected with slides. You can see the structures within, not as big as the previous one but still quite large! There is also the very steep slide inside which is similar to the one previously!

Tayo Station Ball Pit

There are trampolines and also this very interesting slope where kids aim to run up to touch the lights above, something like ninja warrior! This was quite fun, and even I tried to play it!

Tayo Station Trampoline
Tayo Station Running Slope

Of course there is the Tayo course where kids get to ride around on mini rides!

Tayo Station Course
Tayo Station Bus Stop

And not forgetting, the Tayo Bus Mascot that comes out to meet and greet everyone! It is an interesting short session where kids (and adults) follow the bus around the area!

Tayo Station Mascot
Tayo Station Mascot

Overall, the experience was nice and fun! We spent 2 hours here at $30+ per adult and child. I think you can get a 3hr package on Klook at slightly more! Definitely one of the better indoor playgrounds in Singapore!

Written by Ivan Follow
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