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Sushi-Go at Vivocity - Review

Ivan Ivan Follow Jan 01, 2024 · 3 mins read
Sushi-Go at Vivocity - Review
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Happy New Year everyone!

On the last day of 2023, I brought my family to Vivocity. We comtemplated between having sushi at Genki Sushi or Sushi-Go but decided to give the latter a go since we have not been there before. (Also, because we thought Genki Sushi would have a very long queue based on our previous experience, and when Vivocity was super crowded since it was a Sunday and New Year’s eve!)

Sushi-Go reminds me of Sushiro, which I had previously did a top 10 most popular Sushiro post of.

Sushi-Go is by this company called RE&S that manages quite a lot of brands, including Ichiban Sushi, Kuriya, Yakiniku-Go, Gokoku Bakery and Mister Donut. Price wise I would think Sushi-Go is somewhat similar to Sushiro.

Unlike Sushiro, there is no conveyor belt, but a little robot train (similar to Genki Sushi) that brings you your food whenever you order. There is also a mobile robot that moves around on land, somewhat similar to what you can find in Haidilao.

Sushi-Go Vivocity Train

The choices feel quite similar to Sushiro too, and I can find some of my favourite sushi here! There is the Aka Ebi (Red Shrimp) and a second version with butter (add 20 cents).

Sushi-Go Vivocity Aka Ebi
Sushi-Go Vivocity Aka Ebi with butter

We can also find the Hamachi (Yellowtail) and Mekajiki (Swordfish) sushi!

Sushi-Go Vivocity Hamachi Mekajiki

Taste wise overall, the ones at Sushi-Go felt less dry than the ones in Sushiro, so in my opinion Sushi-Go tasted slightly better!

My family loved the ramen. The taste of the soup reminded me of those instant ramen you can find at duty free shops or in those Japanese type cup noodles.

Sushi-Go Vivocity Ramen

For myself, I got the soba because its New Year’s Eve, or Toshikoshi Soba (New Year’s Eve Noodles) 年越し蕎麦! It was decent but nothing to shout about.

Sushi-Go Vivocity Soba

Last sushi that I wanted to highlight was the Mala Clam sushi. It was nice, tasted similar to those Mala Clam snacks you can find in some of the Chinese grocery stores in Singapore.

Sushi-Go Vivocity Mala Clam

Overall, I thought the experience was nice. Sushi came quite fast upon order. Dishes were decent, and price comparable to Sushiro. On top of that, we didn’t need to wait long on New Year’s Eve even at around 6pm. Would definitely come here again to try other sushi!

Written by Ivan Follow
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