Top 10 most popular Sushiro items: Sushi with kids

Ivan Ivan Follow Feb 12, 2023 · 4 mins read
Top 10 most popular Sushiro items: Sushi with kids
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Lately I saw news of a Japanese student licking the soy sauce bottle and cup in Sushiro Japan. This caused quite a stir and Sushiro’s stock price took a dive (fell by more than S$170 million). Because of this, there were Japanese celebraties that went out of their way to support Sushiro by eating there and posting online.

Abroad in Japan

Glad to see one of my favourite Youtube channels on Japan featuring Sushiro. Link here to the actual video itself.

Abroad in Japan - I Tried EVERY Sushi at Japan's No.1 Conveyor Belt Restaurant

In this video, they tried to order dishes which they think are the most popular items, the top 10 dish and top 3 side dishes. They also have a Sushiro staff giving them the “yes” or “no” verdict. Pretty interesting! Here are the results!

Abroad in Japan - I Tried EVERY Sushi at Japan's No.1 Conveyor Belt Restaurant
Abroad in Japan - I Tried EVERY Sushi at Japan's No.1 Conveyor Belt Restaurant

Watching the video made me hungry and I decided to bring my kid down to Sushiro Jewel to eat some nice sushi myself, this time, trying the top dishes based on the video!

1 - Tuna

While tuna is number 1, it is not my favourite, but because of the video I decided to try it out today!

Sushiro tuna

It is not bad, but of course the chutoro and otoro are definitely better (but costs more!).

2 - Yellowtail

Yellowtail is probably my favourite dish. It has this taste that lingers in my mouth and I love it! It is also the most expensive dish I took today.

Sushiro yellowtail

3 - Shrimp Avocado

Shrimp avocado. If it was not in the video I wouldn’t have noticed it was on the menu! Haha. In fact it is ranked so high at number 3! I would never order it on a normal day but since I came here because of the video, I decided to try it. Its not bad, but I probably will order other dishes instead next time! Could not really taste the shrimp but more of the onion and mayo!

Sushiro shrimp avocado.

4 - Chopped Tuna

This is an interesting dish that I have seen but not ordered myself. It taste quite okay, like minced tuna.

Sushiro chopped tuna.

6 - Omelette

I skipped number 5 because its too common for me! Went for omelette because my kid only eats a few types of sushi and this is probably one of the only ones! She loves it so much we ordered two of these!

Sushiro omelette.

10 - Pink Shrimp

Could not eat all the dishes so went for pink shrimp. I first tried the pink shrimp one visit ago and I love it! In fact, this is the only one item dish in the top 10 dishes that made it to the list. It taste sweet and fresh!

Sushiro pink shrimp.

Side Dish 1 - Egg Custard

This is egg custard, or chawanmushi. It is really good. I have eaten some other chawanmushi in Singapore but not as good as the one at Sushiro. There is a shrimp, chicken and a scallop inside!

Sushiro egg custard chawanmushi.

Not on the list - Spicy Tuna Gunkan

The only item I took that was not on the video was the spicy tuna gunkan which I love! Just had to take it!

Sushiro egg spicy tuna gunkan.

Final words

Sushiro is probably my favourite kaiten sushi shop in Singapore (have not tried it in Japan before I think). While it is slightly more expensive than other Sushi shops, I think the quality and variety really is worth it. There are also other items like udon and ramen, and dessert like cakes and ice cream that your kids will probably like too! Do give it a try if you have not tried before!

Written by Ivan Follow
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