Singapore's Most Expensive Buildings: Must-See Outings for the Whole Family

Ivan Ivan Follow Jan 08, 2023 · 7 mins read
Singapore's Most Expensive Buildings: Must-See Outings for the Whole Family
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Was looking through the Reddit Singapore page and saw an interesting post on The Most Expensive Buildings Ever Constructed and that 3 of Singapore’s buildings rank in the top 30, with 2 in the top 5! Now which buildings are inside? Read on!

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Rank 29: Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel (4.7 rating), costing US$1.23 billion to build, is one of the newest buildings on the list of top 30 buildings, and just barely made the list at number 29. It is one of the places I frequent the most as the view is good and there are a lot of food and amenities. To add on, there is also a newly opened Don Don Donki as well.

Jewel Changi Airport
Don don donki at Jewel

For kids, I have brought them to the Canopy Park which you can buy at a discount if you are Singaporean. It is a park and playground for kids. Here you can enjoy the greenery while the kids run around.

Jewel Changi Airport - Canopy Park
Jewel Changi Airport - Canopy Park

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You can also bring your kids to the Canopy Bridge which overlooks the Jewel itself and the ground is see-through.

Jewel Changi Airport - Canopy Bridge

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Other attractions include the Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, Bouncing Net and Walking Net. See more including bundle packages in my affiliate link below!

Rank 4: Resorts World Sentosa

Next, we make a HUGE leap to rank number 4, Resorts World Sentosa (4.6 rating). RWS cost US$4.93 billion to build in 2010. Adjusting for today’s figures after factoring in inflation, it would cost US$6.74 billion. Interestingly, RWS beats a lot of Las Vegas buildings and also the famous Burj Khalifa (ranked 26) to win this spot. That’s quite a feat.

Usually I visit RWS with my kids to eat here or visit the attractions like S.E.A. Aquarium and Universal Studios Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore Resorts World Sentosa

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Do plan your trip in advance, as the crowd during weekends and public holidays or school holidays are sure to be overwhelming!

RWS is also a nice place to have a staycation if you are not planning for long holidays abroad. It is after all on an island by itself.

There are quite a few other activities on the island itself besides just RWS, and some of the historic places like Fort Siloso where you can visit to understand more about Singapore especially during World War II.

Fort Siloso in Sentosa Fort Siloso in Sentosa
Fort Siloso in Sentosa

Why not also take a cable car ride and view the island from above! I have taken one with the kids as we explored different parts of the island.

Cable Car ride in Sentosa Cable Car ride in Sentosa
Cable Car ride in Sentosa

Rank 3: Marina Bay Sands

Finally we reached our most expensive building at rank number 3, the Marina Bay Sands (4.6 rating). In fact I just went there yesterday for The First Slam Dunk fan screening. MBS was built in 2010 at US$5.7 billion and adjusting for inflation costs US$7.79 billion today.

It is an iconic building featured in many articles in the world, and is a popular tourist place with many amenities around it, including the Gardens by the Bay, which is by itself quite an iconic recreational place to visit.

Marina bay sands
Skypark at marina bay sands

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There is also the infinity pool where you can have access to if you purchase tickets to the restaurants or are a guest in the hotel.

Infinity pool at Marina bay sands

Photo credit from Wikipedia.

Inside MBS
Inside MBS

The view of Gardens by the Bay from MBS.

View of Gardens by the Bay

Beside the Gardens by the Bay, there are some popular attractions around like the official Apple store and the ArtScience Museum. The ArtScience Museum is a modern art museum that features a variety of interactive exhibitions on science, art, and technology. It has a number of permanent and temporary exhibits, as well as a children’s gallery and a theatre. The museum has a unique lotus-shaped (or sometimes I call it a cracked egg shell) building.

Artscience at Marina bay sands

Photo credit from Wikipedia.

Final words

And there you have it, the top 3 most expensive buildings in Singapore! Kind of felt proud that we have some of the most remarkable buildings in the world right at our doorstep!

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