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Trip to Phuket with kids - Day 3 of 4

Ivan Ivan Follow Dec 11, 2022 · 8 mins read
Trip to Phuket with kids - Day 3 of 4
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Rise and shine its day 3 of Phuket! Today we are going on a trip to Rabbit Hole (4.4 rating) and Aquaria (4.5 rating) at Central Phuket! Prepare for lots of photos for both! Both places are really nice places for kids!

Took around a 40-minutes’ ride to Rabbit Hole. At the entrance, we can buy the food to feed all the animals in the Rabbit Hole. There is quite a variety of animals here, horses, cow (saw 1), fishes, ducks, chickens, peacocks, and of course rabbits.

Animal food Entrance
Chickens Ducks
fishes Ducks

Saw a duck wagging its tail quite furiously. Seems like there are 7 possible reasons for it. They may be excited, mating season, shaking off water, waddling, cooling off, or having some illness.

Some of the other photos of the Rabbit Hole!

Ghost Horse riding for kids Pinwheels
Wagon House of Peacocks Peacocks
Rabbits Horses Chicks with mother hen

The kids had a lot of fun feeding the animals. You can also ride on the horses. The chickens and ducks really roam freely. We even saw a hen with her two little chicks following here wherever she goes!

Next we went to the restaurant that has a nice design and actually had affordable and good food!

Inside the Rabbit Hole restaurant Inside the Rabbit Hole restaurant Inside the Rabbit Hole restaurant
Inside the Rabbit Hole restaurant View from restaurant View from restaurant
Guide to hold rabbits Children menu

The food photos!

Drink Kids food French fries
My really beautifully plated food Desset

My dish had a lot of leaves and vegetables that were raw. I was not used to it but I tried and they tasted quite nice!

There was even a lucky draw at the end and the kids went away with something!

Lucky draw
Lucky draw

We then headed to Central Phuket where we saw a World Bodybuilding competition. It was pretty interesting and the first time I have seen such bodybuilders in real life!

World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships Phuket
World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships!

Next we went to Aquaria and saw a lot of land and sea animals. First up the land animals!

Aquaria Central Phuket South african fattail scorpion Orange baboon tarantula
Green iguana Blue frog Brown tarantula
Green tree python Bearded dragon

Next up, the sea animals!

Sea turtle Harlequin shrimp
Very friendly stingray Fish tornado
Torny Long legged spiny lobster

The aquaria was surprisingly fun for the kids. It is not crowded even thought it is a Sunday and we definitely had an easier and better time here than Sea aquarium in Sentosa. We were able to pose and take quite a lot of photos with minimal obstructions. There were also quite a large sizeable number of animals here. Indeed it is worth the 4.5 rating.

We found a dinner spot in the shopping mall itself and had some nice mango sticky rice with ice cream!

Basil rice Noodles
Rice with fish Mango sticky rice with ice cream

See you soon for the last blog post on Phuket!

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Written by Ivan Follow
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