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Investing for Kids - What to do with your Child's Hong Bao money

It’s the first day of Chinese New Year! Happy Rabbit Year! This is also the time for your kids to collect Hong Bao (and sadly for you to give). But what does this have to do with inve...

In Opinion, Jan 22, 2023

Tugether Lego Event at Suntec City

Passed by a Tugether Lego popup event at Suntec City so I thought I take some photos and share with you. Official, it is known as the “LEGO® Prosperity Burrows at Suntec City” event o...

In Activity, Weekend, Jan 21, 2023

Gearing up for Chinese New Year at Chinatown Street Markets, Singapore

Wanted to experience the atmosphere at Chinatown Street Markets for the Rabbit year, and so I brought my kids there just before CNY! This is the map of the area.

In Activity, Weekend, Jan 21, 2023

Far From Home: Father and child solo overseas trip to Tokyo, Japan

Many years ago I read about a dad who brought his daughter (probably 2 years old) to Taiwan without the mum and was inspired to do the same. I thought it would be a great adventure, a...

In Activity, Travel, Jan 14, 2023

Stella Seaside Lounge at Changi Beach

Was trying to find a nice cafe to bring the kids and wife suggested this place at the National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) called Stella Seaside Lounge (4.1 rating). A q...

In Activity, Food, Jan 13, 2023

Singapore's Most Expensive Buildings: Must-See Outings for the Whole Family

Was looking through the Reddit Singapore page and saw an interesting post on The Most Expensive Buildings Ever Constructed and that 3 of Singapore’s buildings rank in the top 30, with...

In Activity, Jan 08, 2023

The First Slam Dunk at Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands

Bought tickets to the fan screening of The First Slam Dunk movie. It was held at the Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands. The ticket cost was S$89, and includes a bunch of Slam Dunk merch...

In Activity, Event, Jan 07, 2023

Chinese New Year Shopping - Shopee Ideas

Chinese New Year will fall on 22 January this year and since its a Sunday, the holidays will last until 24 January. Its an exciting time for kids (for hongbaos!) but still a time to c...

In Sale, Gifts, Jan 07, 2023