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New Tayo Station at Downtown East

Visited the new Tayo Station finally! It was refurbished sometime end of 2023 but we have not been here since! It was a pleasant surprise to see that the layout has changed, with new ...

In Activity, Weekend, Feb 25, 2024

Sushi-Go at Vivocity - Review

Happy New Year everyone!

In Food, Weekend, Jan 01, 2024

Kiztopia Club @ Jewel Review

Brought my kid to Kiztopia Club @ Jewel as it just opened on 15 December 2023. Took the 1-hr single admission (1 Adult + 1 Child) ticket that cost $20.99 via Klook.

In Activity, Weekend, Dec 20, 2023

Candy Carnival at Changi Terminal 3

School holidays are here! And our family decided to go to Changi to see the new waterfall (at Terminal 2, not 3!) and also the Candy Carnival which is at Changi Terminal 3. You can re...

In Activity, Weekend, Nov 28, 2023

Teachers Day Gifts Singapore - Scoop

Was tasked by my wife to find Teachers’ day gift for my kids’ teacher. The budget was around S$10-15 so it shouldn’t really be a problem finding something decent. Had a couple of idea...

In Gifts, Sep 02, 2023

Trip to Penang with Kids

For March school holidays we planned a weekend trip to Penang. Went with my extended family and this is the hotel that we are staying at - Ropewalk Piazza. It is a pretty nice shophou...

In Activity, Weekend, Travel, Mar 16, 2023

Eating at Yakiniku Like with kid

First time I saw Yakiniku Like was at Clementi and it was pretty popular. That was during covid times and I bought the bento for takeaway and thought it was not bad. Finally I tried i...

In Food, Feb 18, 2023

Top 10 most popular Sushiro items: Sushi with kids

Lately I saw news of a Japanese student licking the soy sauce bottle and cup in Sushiro Japan. This caused quite a stir and Sushiro’s stock price took a dive (fell by more than S$170 ...

In Food, Feb 12, 2023

Telemedicine vs visiting clinics when your child is sick

Today I tried telemedicine (or telehealth) for the first time. Telemedicine is where you can consult a doctor remotely through a mobile application. I wanted to share my experience us...

In Caring, Opinion, Feb 08, 2023

Singapore Food Delivery coupons - Grabfood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo

Too many food delivery or self pick-up promo codes and unsure which to use at one glance? Use my filtering application to get what you want. Some useful points: No need to click to u...

In Sale, App, Feb 05, 2023

Cafe hopping - Knots Cafe Pasir Panjang

Previously I blogged about Knots Cafe at Paya Lebar. This time I visited the one at Pasir Panjang (4.2 rating). The interior is once again nice and beautiful. It was indeed a nice pla...

In Cafe, Activity, Food, Feb 03, 2023

Chili Crab Gyudon at Sukiya

Like many, I love Japanese food. Gyudon is one of those Japanese food that I like. There are a few notable Gyudon chains like Matsuya, but in Singapore, we only have Yoshinoya (which ...

In Food, Jan 29, 2023

Food delivery and tingkat options for busy Singaporean parents

For 团圆饭 (reunion dinner) this year, we decided to order in. To us, it saves us the hassle of going out or even preparing the food ourselves at home. The image above is food we ordered...

In Opinion, Jan 28, 2023

Investing for Kids - What to do with your Child's Hong Bao money

It’s the first day of Chinese New Year! Happy Rabbit Year! This is also the time for your kids to collect Hong Bao (and sadly for you to give). But what does this have to do with inve...

In Opinion, Jan 22, 2023

Tugether Lego Event at Suntec City

Passed by a Tugether Lego popup event at Suntec City so I thought I take some photos and share with you. Official, it is known as the “LEGO® Prosperity Burrows at Suntec City” event o...

In Activity, Weekend, Jan 21, 2023

Gearing up for Chinese New Year at Chinatown Street Markets, Singapore

Wanted to experience the atmosphere at Chinatown Street Markets for the Rabbit year, and so I brought my kids there just before CNY! This is the map of the area.

In Activity, Weekend, Jan 21, 2023

Far From Home: Father and child solo overseas trip to Tokyo, Japan

Many years ago I read about a dad who brought his daughter (probably 2 years old) to Taiwan without the mum and was inspired to do the same. I thought it would be a great adventure, a...

In Activity, Travel, Jan 14, 2023

Stella Seaside Lounge at Changi Beach

Was trying to find a nice cafe to bring the kids and wife suggested this place at the National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) called Stella Seaside Lounge (4.1 rating). A q...

In Activity, Food, Jan 13, 2023

Singapore's Most Expensive Buildings: Must-See Outings for the Whole Family

Was looking through the Reddit Singapore page and saw an interesting post on The Most Expensive Buildings Ever Constructed and that 3 of Singapore’s buildings rank in the top 30, with...

In Activity, Jan 08, 2023

The First Slam Dunk at Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands

Bought tickets to the fan screening of The First Slam Dunk movie. It was held at the Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands. The ticket cost was S$89, and includes a bunch of Slam Dunk merch...

In Activity, Event, Jan 07, 2023

Chinese New Year Shopping - Shopee Ideas

Chinese New Year will fall on 22 January this year and since its a Sunday, the holidays will last until 24 January. Its an exciting time for kids (for hongbaos!) but still a time to c...

In Sale, Gifts, Jan 07, 2023

Chinese New Year Pasar Malam at Bedok Central

Brought my kid to a Chinese New Year Pasar Malam (or Bazaar if you don’t know what Pasar Malam mean) at Bedok Central. I like Pasar Malams as they are lively, and sell many food and t...

In Activity, Weekend, Jan 07, 2023

Kamikaze Asian Tapas Bar, GR.iD

Its the first time I have gone to GR.iD. I have never heard of this place before and turns out it was the old PoMo mall which was also the old Paradiz Centre. I remember this was also...

In Food, Jan 03, 2023

Houbii Spot Singapore, Climbing at Singapore Zoo

We decided to go Houbii Spot Singapore (4.4 rating) to let the kids try out some obstacle course. We decided on this place since we already have the Friend of Wildlife zoo pass (yes y...

In Activity, Weekend, Jan 01, 2023

Cafe hopping with kids - The Glasshouse

Its the first day of the new year! Happy 2023 everyone! We decided to go cafe hopping in the morning and was choosing between a few options that were near Singapore Zoo since we wante...

In Cafe, Activity, Food, Jan 01, 2023

Chinese spelling app online

My kid has a lot of spelling tests nowadays so I thought of writing a Spelling test application. This is geared for Chinese (You can put English words but the pronouciation is by a Ch...

In App, Dec 31, 2022

Tugether: Rabbit Themed Exhibit at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Tugether or 兔gether, is a cute rabbit themed exhibit installed at the roof garden of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC). It is to welcome the Year of the Rabbit that will ar...

In Activity, Dec 30, 2022

Hokkaido Santouka Ramen at Central, Clarke Quay

I love ramen and have tried a variety of ramen in Singapore. Santouka Ramen (4.2 rating) is one of my favourite ramens in Singapore. It was established in 1988 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido....

In Food, Dec 29, 2022

Chilling at Singapore River, Clarke Quay

Its been a while since I last came to Clarke Quay (4.5 rating). Used to come here more often because of Liang Court, Meidiya and the Kinokuniya there. However, it has been closed for ...

In Activity, Dec 29, 2022

Waterbiking for Kids at Pasir Ris Park with Waterbike SG

Tried waterbiking with my kid as part of a camp by Natural Instinct. This was done in collaboration with Waterbike SG. It was overall an interesting experience for myself and I think ...

In Activity, Dec 28, 2022

Pasir Ris Park - Nature Playgarden

Went to Pasir Ris park recently to join my kid for a water biking experience, and came across this interesting place called Nature Playgarden. It looks like a mini garden and a mini p...

In Activity, Dec 28, 2022

ChatGPT for kids

Lately, there has been quite a lot of chatter over this ChatGPT but what is it, and how might it affect your little one? I gave it a go and found it to be surprisingly powerful!

In App, Activity, Dec 26, 2022

Cafe hopping with kids - Hot Tomato Jewel

It’s Christmas morning! Was googling online to find a cafe to bring kids to. There were a few choices in chic neighbourhoods, but I was not sure if they accept walk-ins last minute, s...

In Cafe, Activity, Food, Dec 25, 2022

Book Review - Plants vs Zombies Q&A Comics Books

My kids read a bunch of books, and one of them is the Plants vs Zombies Questions and Answers comics book. Unlike most children comic books, the PvZ one actually contains some facts s...

In Books, Dec 21, 2022

Where to bring kids this weekend - updated 19 Dec 2022

To me the most commonly searched terms I have when each weekend arrives is “Where to bring kids”, and I thought it would be helpful to share some of the stuff I found, and places that...

In Weekend, Dec 19, 2022

Jumptopia Festive Village at Marina Bay Sands

Brought my kids to the Jumptopia Festive Village at Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Wanted to share some of the details and highlights of the event.

In Activity, Weekend, Dec 17, 2022

Exploring Clementi Forest with Kids

Embarked on a forest adventure with my kid at the Clementi Forest (4.7 rating). It was the first time I have been to the Clementi Forest and we are there with experienced guides from ...

In Activity, Dec 16, 2022

How to install Chinese text to speech

Realised that the Chinese spelling test app that I wrote recently does not work on some browsers like Samsung as its default text to speech doesn’t include Chinese. Here is a guide to...

In App, Dec 14, 2022

Christmas gifts for kids and wife

Here are my recommendations, building on top of the 12.12 sale post that I wrote recently. While 12.12 is just over, there is still some time to get some discounts and get your gifts ...

In Gifts, Sale, Dec 13, 2022

Trip to Phuket with kids - Day 4 of 4

Rise and shine its day 4 and the final day we will be staying at Phuket this trip! Today we are going to the Trick Museum (4.1 rating) which is located at the same place as Aquaria wh...

In Activity, Weekend, Travel, Dec 12, 2022

Trip to Phuket with kids - Day 3 of 4

Rise and shine its day 3 of Phuket! Today we are going on a trip to Rabbit Hole (4.4 rating) and Aquaria (4.5 rating) at Central Phuket! Prepare for lots of photos for both! Both plac...

In Activity, Weekend, Travel, Dec 11, 2022

How to order from Grabfood Thailand

Went to Phuket recently and found that Grabfood Thailand has a lot of food options with cheap delivery fees at around 50 cents SGD. It is hence a very useful option to get your meals....

In App, Dec 11, 2022

Trip to Phuket with kids - Day 2 of 4

Rise and shine its day 2 of Phuket! Today we are going on a boat ride to a few islands and even do snorkeling! But first, we start off with some breakfast at the (hotel - 4.3 rating)....

In Activity, Weekend, Travel, Dec 10, 2022

Trip to Phuket with kids - Day 1 of 4

The last trip of the year, to Phuket! Phuket is a nice and chill place to relax, and while most will always think of the beaches and bars, there are some places to bring kids to! Ther...

In Activity, Weekend, Travel, Dec 09, 2022

Getting kids started on reading

I have picked up reading lately, and find that it is really a very useful way to gain knowledge. Through books, we get to explore vast unknown domains and gain insights and different ...

In Activity, Dec 08, 2022

What to buy for 12.12 sale

This is the final online sale of the year (if we are talking about those monthly 1.1, 2.2, 11.11 types of event)! It is also the sale that we can get Christmas gifts for our kids (and...

In Gifts, Sale, Dec 07, 2022

Cafe hopping with kids - Knots Cafe

The kids like to spend time at cafes (even at such a young age) and so we went to Knots Cafe. There are currently 2 outlets, one at Paya Lebar and one at Pasir Panjang. We went to the...

In Cafe, Activity, Food, Dec 06, 2022

Trip to Malaysia - Kukup

Went with my extended family to Kukup over the weekend. Kukup is a fishing village in Johor, somewhere to the west of Singapore. The interesting thing about Kukup is that you will see...

In Activity, Weekend, Travel, Dec 05, 2022

How to prepare for overseas trips with kids

I have travelled overseas with my kids multiple times, even when they were as young as 6 months old. I have also had the experience of bringing one kid alone to Japan by myself (I wil...

In Travel, Dec 04, 2022

Standard Chartered Kids Dash

Exercising with kids in a public event can be pretty interesting as you get to run with them with other parents and kids. This year we went with the Standard Chartered Singapore Marat...

In Activity, Dec 02, 2022

Coding for kids

In recent years, there are many new robotics or coding schools for kids. Such topics are also being taught as lessons in primary schools, and are also used as a Direct School Admissio...

In Opinion, Dec 01, 2022

How to choose a primary school

While the title specifically says ‘how to choose a primary school”, sometimes you don’t really get to choose, depending on the situation you are in. More on this in the balloting sect...

In Opinion, Nov 30, 2022

Heguru vs Shichida

I have sent my kids to both Heguru and Shichida when they were around 2-4 years old. Both offer educational programmes to help your child in their right brain development. Here I will...

In Opinion, Nov 29, 2022

What to do when visiting KKH

KKH is where I would usually bring my kids to when they fall sick. There are other choices like NUH but I prefer to bring them to KKH as it is afterall a hospital that specialises in ...

In Caring, Nov 28, 2022

3 months long carnival @ Downtown East!

This is a mega carnival all the way in the east where you are able to enjoy 210 mins @ $28 of playtime (150 mins @ $32 if weekends or holidays) with your kids.

In Games, Nov 27, 2022

Weekend games warehouse sale @ Ubi up to 90% off!

If you like to play console games with your kids, you might not want to miss this chance where Unrival is having a Warehouse Clearance Sale this weekend and the next (3 - 4 December, ...

In Sale, Games, Weekend, Nov 26, 2022